11 July 2013


“While we’re happy that the G8 acknowledges aggressive tax avoidance and profit shifting is a problem, they failed to agree to curtail it in any meaningful way” commented a Global Financial Integrity representative at the conclusion of last months G8 summit meeting in Ireland.

Progress at the summit was limited with certain G8 countries - such as the US - putting up strong resistance to change.

Whilst there was agreement on a broad set of principles there was little commitment to any practical action which suggests that real progress in tightening up the global regime is going to be painfully slow.

Prior to the summit a joint letter from Catholic bishops from the G8 nations urged leaders to fight poverty by addressing tax evasion.

"By asking first how a given policy will affect the poor and the vulnerable, you can help assure that the common good of all is served. As a human family we are only as healthy as our weakest members."

"We pray your meeting will be blessed by a spirit of collaboration that enables you to take steps to improve nutrition, reduce hunger and poverty, and strengthen just tax, trade and transparency policies for the common good of all"
the bishops said.

The greed has cut many countries down. Our Lord was tested and replied 'Give to Caesar what is his (refer to taxes) and keep your own monies. Failure to pay taxes has hurt many Euro countries.
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