26 September 2013


During the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, approximately 85% of Palestinians were displaced. Palestinians now represent the largest (currently estimated at 5 million) and longest lasting refugee population in the world. Many continue to live in refugee camps in Gaza, the West Bank, and neighbouring Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, without any citizenship rights.

The West Bank has been under military occupation since 1967 with the population having to live amongst military checkpoints and surrounded by a separation wall, the route of which has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice.

Since 1967 Israel has also steadily increased and expanded the number of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory with an estimated 42% of the West Bank now under Israeli administration, which has resulted in further displacement of the Palestinian population. The international community considers the settlements in occupied territory (including East Jerusalem and the Golan heights) to be illegal.

To learn more visit the website of the Palestine Israeli Ecumenical Network  a network of Australian Christians who seek lasting peace for the people of Palestine and Israel.

Watch the video prepared by Jewish Voice for Peace for more background information on this issue.

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