26 September 2013


Due to international exposure, child and forced labour is less prevalent in the fashion industry than twenty years ago. However, many of the largest global exporters, including China, India and Bangladesh are known to use child and/or forced labour in their garment production.

To learn more about the working conditions of those who make your clothing and learn how to take action to urge fashion businesses to stop exploiting the poor, download the Baptist World Aid’s Ethical Fashion Guide.

The guide seeks to empower consumers to purchase ethically, and by doing so, encourage companies to ensure workers are protected and not harmed, that they are rewarded, not exploited and that they work free from the tyranny of modern slavery. This guide grades 128 fashion brands operating in Australia, and assesses the systems they have in place to protect the workers in their supply chain from exploitation, forced labour and child labour.

All wonderful articles in this newsletter. The above link is very useful and I've shared on Facebook amongst my friends who enjoy clothes shopping!
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