29 November 2013


The latest UN sponsored conference of the parties (COP) on climate change ended in Warsaw with little apparent progress towards a new universal climate agreement due to be concluded in Paris in late 2015.

The talks were characterised by discord and acrimony but eventually under an agreement settled in the final hours of the conference, countries agreed to publish their plans for curbing greenhouse gas emissions from 2020 in the first quarter of 2015.

Earlier environment and development groups walked out of talks in protest at what they say is the slow speed and lack of ambition in the talks.

Australia, Canada, Japan and the US were singled out particularly for their obstruction and inaction, whilst divisions also emerged over the distinction between rich, developed countries and developing countries over their level of responsibility for the impact of climate change.

Meanwhile two newly published studies have again confirmed that the world cannot afford to wait any longer to make drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. The studies can be viewed here and here.

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