8 April 2015


Eight health and community organisations have written to Australia's Trade Minister Andrew Robb expressing "grave concerns" about the latest leaked draft of the nearly concluded Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed regional regulatory and investment treaty. Twelve countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region have participated in the negotiations which have been conducted in secret, although Wikileaks has published several documents relating to the negotiations.

Signatories to the letter want to see safeguards that prevent corporations from making claims against governments over policies like tobacco plain packaging, limits on alcohol advertising and food labelling requirements said Michael Moore of the Public Health Association of Australia. "As it stands, the chapter appears to allow these sorts of policies to be challenged."

Concerns have also been expressed about potential impacts on the environment and a roll back of chemical safety regulations and food product labelling laws.

It has also been suggested that Australians could pay more for drugs and medicines, movies, computer games and software, and be placed under surveillance as part of a US-led crackdown on internet piracy.

To learn more and raise any concerns about Australia committing to the TPP visit the Get-Up website

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