21 November 2015


‘A change in lifestyle could bring healthy pressure to bear on those who wield political, economic and social power. This is what consumer movements accomplish by boycotting certain products. They prove successful in changing the way businesses operate, forcing them to consider their environmental footprint and their patterns of production. When social pressure affects their earnings, businesses clearly have to find ways to produce differently. This shows us the great need for a sense of social responsibility on the part of consumers. “Purchasing is always a moral – and not simply economic – act”.’ so says Pope Francis in his encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ §206

Shopping ethically is a practical means of putting this vision into practice. Visit the
Shop ethical website for a comprehensive guide to a wide range of consumer products and the environmental and social record of companies behind common brand names

The most recent addition to the website, the Green Electricity Guide provides an independent, unbiased ranking of the environmental performance of all retailers selling electricity to Australian households.

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