4 February 2016


Catholic Church Reform International (CCRI) is a global network of committed Catholic organisations and individuals seeking a deeply-rooted reform of the Church through a united voice and collaborative action.

Its 2016 objective is to activate and strengthen the voices of the People of God for the purpose of reforming injustices and inequalities in Church teachings and practices that inhibit their relationship with God.

Specifically in light of Pope Francis’s focus on decentralisation, it aims to :-
      - foster grassroots initiated forums inviting bishops and pastors to meet with the People of God in dioceses throughout the world.
      - revive the concept of a National Pastoral Council wherein priests, deacons, religious and lay people would collaborate with the bishops in specified areas of decision making.  
       - ensure representation of elected laity in the institutions of the Catholic Church, at all levels;
       - seek transparency and accountability at all levels in our Church
       - offer our public support of Pope Francis in creating a just, inclusive, and compassionate Church
       - facilitate understanding among lay people who, by virtue of their baptism, have the right and the duty to speak up for the good of our Church

On February 8 and 9, Pope Francis is calling his council together to discuss the decentralisation of the Church.

CCRI is inviting any concerned Catholics, former Catholics, Christians or non-Christians to sign a letter to the pope and his eight Council members ahead of this meeting.

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